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  1. Hi, KVM is available. We have discontinued...

    KVM is available.

    We have discontinued Moldova and Started a new location which is famous for its Offshoreness i.e Switzerland (Swiss).

    Here is new Year Discount Offer:
  2. Offshore Dedicated Servers - 3 Locations - Privacy Protected - 15% OFF Recurring

    OffshoreDedicated | Privacy Made Easy

    OffshoreDedicated bring simplicity and freshness to keep your website up and running. We are committed to provide reliable anonymous offshore hosting with...
  3. OffshoreDedicated Year End Discount on Dedicated, VPS and Shared Hosting Packages

    OffshoreDedicated has offered Year End Discount on all its Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers and Shared Web Hosting packages. Come and order with confidence. We allow all kind of contents with full DMCA...
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